This is a sample of the axes that BKS makes. Standard edge comes blunted for stage use.
Please specify if you want it sharp when your order or it will come blunt. Standard finish
is 320 grit with a hand scrub on the flat with a 320 grit with a buff on the edge. Please
specify your desired finish when ordered or it will come our standard finish.

We have hundreds of pole arm and axe patterns. This is just a sample. If you are
Looking for a particular pattern that you do not see here then please email us
With what you are looking for and I am sure we can find a pattern that works.

All of our axes are fabricated in house. None are cast.


Large Death Dealer Axe

Retail $350.00

Pole Hammer /Axe

Retail $225.00

Trifoil Cresent Axe

14" point to point

Retail $275.00


Gallowglass Axe

12" along the edge

Retail $195.00


Chiseled Gallowglass Axe

12" along the edge

Retail $400.00


Sparth Axe

10" along the edge

Retail $325.00

Adams Axe

7.5" x 10.5"

Retail $195.00


Trident Pole Arm

12" x 12 "

Retail $400.00

Here is an upgraded pair

Lochaber Pole Axe

16" x 5" (Just the head, not including sockets)

Retail $275.00


20" from tip to tip

Retail $275.00

Battle of the Nations Legal

24.5" from tip to tip

Retail $275.00

Poll Axe With Spike

Retail $225.00

Steel Shafted Hand Axe

Double Bladed Black Axe

Retail $275.00

Black Adams with Spike

Retail $225.00

10" x 10"

Retail $300.00

Upswept Hand Axe

Retail $150.00

Many more patterns and styles available.


For more poll weapons Please visit our Smashers and Bashers Page.