This is a sample of the knives that we make.
Bare blades available in all styles.


Hand Forged Knives by Sam Salvati

Sam Salvati Knife

Each hand forged knife is one of a kind.
They are based off of the same pattern, but each is finished uniquely.

Greek Leaf Daggers
Retail: $325.00

Irish Scain Dagger

Fileworked spine
Cocobolo wood handle.

Marine Fighting Knife

D-ring Bowie

This is our standard 12" Bowie blade. Polished file worked and engraved.
The pattern is slightly altered from standard with the false edge being pulled back.

Our Medium Broken Back Seax

Pistol Knives

Custom knife set made for Capt Dave of Studio City Tattoo

Wolf Eating Knives

12" Ring Daggers

These daggers feature diamond ground 12" blades
The hilts are our standard ring daggers with hammered rings
The pommels are 5 sided straight facets.

Antler Fighter

Hickory Seax

Pastors Bowie

hand seax knife

coco seax


Lioness Dagger


Tactical Tanto

Heavy Duty Rondel

Rhino Fighter

Rhino Fighter 3

Small Bowie

The blade was hand forged from a leaf spring.
The handle is whitetail antler with nickel silver and ebony spacers.
The guard is 1018 and the butt cap is wrought iron.

Our Large Seax

Dagger of Shmee


Billhook blank