Baltimore Knife and Sword's
Militia Leather Line

Sword Scabbards, Sheaths and other related leather products
By John Mitchell

One Hander with stud

Hand and a Half with Stud

Wide Cutlass and Bowie Set

With steel stud for frog

Another Wide Cutlass and Bowie Set

With steel stud for frog

Tubular scabbard with back stitch

With brass stud for frog
Brown Leather

Broken Sword Sheath with tip

Tubular Arming Sword

Peter Pan Scabbard with Frog

Scabbards with steel studs, frogs and steel tips

Leaf Blade with hangers

Double hanger suspension set up with celtic knot conchos

One Hander with Adjustable Frog

Yata Set with Frogs and Tips

Tactical Dagger with Belt Loop

Pirate Baldric

2" Belt with Type VIII Hanger

Leaf blades with hangers and tips

Seax Scabbard with hanging

Seax with Belt Loop

Gladius with Belt Loop

7" Dagger with Belt Loop

16" Dagger with Belt Loop

Bowie with Belt Loop

Broadsword Belt and Rig

Cutlass Sword Belt & Scabbard

Harpoon Cutlass Scabbard

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All Leather Products are made by BKS in the USA