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Pattern Welded Customs

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This is a sample of our pattern welded customs. We make all of our damascus in house. We make pattern welded pieces for stock and for custom orders. We are open to making any pattern and any amount of layers. We are currently taking custom orders and have some finished pieces for sale. Also be sure to check our dealers they tend to have more stock then we do.


Small Silver Skull Dagger

Hybrid Migration Langseax

Cable damascus dagger

95 layer cutlass

7 bar cable broad sword

3 bar cable cutlass with Amethysts

damascus seax
40 Layer Seax Knife

40 layer viking
40 Layer Viking Sword

wolf sword link
15 Layer Twist Wolf Sword

mini cleaver link
40 Layer Mini Cleaver

1450 layer dagger
1450 Layer Viking Dagger

viking damascus
15 Layer Viking War Sword

french hanger
French Hanger

viking damascus
29 Layer 15th Century Scottish Sword

Multi-Bar Seax Knife

26 layer Fantasy Bastard

90 layer Twist Arming Sword

Double Clamshell Cutlass

Bootstrap Boarding Cutlass

persian dagger
100 Layer Indo-Persian Dagger

persian dagger
Lucky 13 Arming Sword

Gwen's 40 layer Dagger

We try to push the boundaries of pattern welding. Always trying to blend new
metals and forging interesting items into beautiful blades.

This is just a sample of the damascus swords that we have made.
We are open to any custom damascus sword projects.
No project is to big or to small.


" Cheap things aren't nice and nice things aren't cheap "

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