Custom Triple Fullered Broad Sword

Custom sword with triple fullers, forged and chiseled mounts, stablized maple burl handle with sterling silver knotwork fittings. Set with Mother of Pearl in silver and 7 rubies set in 14k gold

The Sword of Tristan

Custom Forged sword with wrought iron pommel and guard. The pommel has a custom silver medalion with a 5mm Garnet set in silver. The wood handle is stablized hazel with silver knott work fittings. The blade is forged 1070 from a railroad spring clip

Forged Dragon 2 handed sword


This a custom two handed sword. The dragons were forged by Tim Beachley. The Blade is a diamond ground fullered 38" special.

Custom Pirate Cutlass


Custom pirate cutlass with brass overlays, a faceted pommel and one of a kind blade. We took a popular motif and took it to the next level.

Custom Flame Cutlass


Custom pirate cutlass with a flame cut out and dished for the D-ring guard. This sword had a 27" long blade that was light as a feather.

Forging a Damascus Fullered Broad Sword


This video shows the process of forging the damascus on our rolling mill all the way out to fullering the blade on our 250lbs drop hammer.

Heat Treating a custom Blade


This is the heat treating of the prototype hand and a half blade we made for Sword Buyers Guide (.com) The kiln has a reduced charcoal atmosphere and the quench is AAA fast quench with anointing olive oil added

Forging a Katana Blade


Kerry Forges a Katana blade from a
1070 rail road spring clip on our reciprocating drop hammer.

Grinding a forged Katana Blade


Here Matt Freestyle flat grinds the custom forged
1070 Katana blade that Kerry forged during the video above.

Heat Treating the Tristan Sword


This is the heat treating of the blade for The Sword of Tristan. The kiln has a reduced charcoal atmosphere and the quench is AAA fast quench with anointing olive oil added

Making Damascus with a Rolling Mill


Kerry and Paul Dubro use our rolling mill to smooth out a huge billet of Damascus that Paul forged on our power hammer.

Guilloché Pommel


The first try at engine turning a wheel pommel. This is a complex effect created by a machine called a strait line engine. The classic term for this work is Guilloche.

How Our Swords Sound


This is a short demo of one of the reasons why people on stage love to use our swords...the sound.

How to Forge Weld a Large Billet


This is a video of us forge welding a large billet of damascus that we plan on using for viking pommels and fittings. This gives a inside look on the tools and process used to create large billets.